Long Lasting Thermal Transfer Labels

Thermal transfer labels are used to create barcodes used in stock inventory, shipping labels, product identification and serialization, outdoor applications, outdoor applications, and much more. These labels require a thermal ribbon to be able to print and ultimately create printing that is very crisp and durable. These thermal transfer labels come in a wide variety of colors and materials, which can range anywhere from polyester to paper, and include colors other than black. They also last on the shelf for over a year, and don’t fail to last under harsh conditions. We have hundreds of cutting dies to make sure that we have one that will satisfy all of your needs. If by chance we don’t have the shape you want exactly, we can make custom order dies.

At National Custom Printing, we offer a wide range of thermal transfer ribbons to make thermal transfer labels that will work with virtually every thermal transfer printer found on the market today. These also work great for any variety of printing projects that include bar code labels, coated and uncoated labels, and tags. The crisp print on the labels is both rub and fading resistant. Finishing options include wax, a hybrid of wax and resin, and super durable resin ribbons. If you are unsure of what ribbon type your project requires, give us a call and we will be able to help you decide based on the requirements of your project, and your printer, application, and substrate needs.

Thermal Transfer Printers work to create these labels by using heat to transfer the wax, resin enhanced wax, or even just resin, which always results in a very crisp and durable print. If a label can work well with thermal imprinting, we will always recommend this choice to our clients because it does not require purchasing printing plates, and the set up is money saving minimal. Many companies have found that thermal imprinting can be very time consuming, and if these are small batches being made, there is no reason to invest in a staff to run it. Our imprinting service will streamline this for you so you can avoid the hassle.

At National Custom printing we have specialized in making improvements to companies’ product identification systems (including streamlining the printing process). This results in saving money, improving the efficiency of operations, and ultimately providing our clients with peace of mind. We know that when there are a million things going on, making labels for your business can quickly fall to the back burner, however, this could ultimately place a significant halt on your production, and result in serious money lost. Because we want to help you avoid this, we offer several solutions to these bothersome but common problems and would like to help you navigate the options available to you. There are many benefits to working with National Custom Printing. There include, over 25 years of experience, during which we’ve figured out how to offer lead times faster than the industry standard. We are proud to have an excellent customer retention rate, and we believe this is due to our personalized and attentive customer service. Give us a call today!