MIL-DTL-32075 Military Grade Labels that you can Depend on

Having a proper and long lasting label is an important matter if you are in the military or law enforcement field. These labels must be able to clearly express important information about the person wearing it, and to do this properly, it must be reliable, durable, and ultimately legible for it’s whole life of wear. This is why National Custom Printing has dedicated itself to using only the highest quality government approved fabrics to make labels for these fields. Not only will you be able to convey important information to provide safe and helpful service, you will also be able to stand apart from others and create a recognizable brand. There are up to six colors available for the labels, all of which provide high quality that lasts against washings, wear, and tear.

National Custom Printing provides labels for protective apparel, uniforms, helmets, shoes, sleeping bags, tents, and backpacks.

National Custom Printers takes the hassle out of pre-printing labels so that when you receive them, all you have to do is sew them in. We specialize in making different labels for many different kinds of industries, including the military. Labels made for military are produced with a nonwoven, thermal transfer printable fabric that has a polymer coating, which allows it to be printed with a thermal transfer printer, and rises to meet Military Specifications DDD-L-20F and MIL-DTL-32075, as well as AATCC IVA wash test requirements. The material is perfectly suited for the military, including body armor for both military and law enforcement, as well as clothing labels. All too often, other labels that are not made with the same caliber of materials will not last due to the high use nature of the job. However, the materials we use are fade-resistant from repeated washes, will never fray, or shrink, and will also not degrade due to perspiration, rot, or mildew. Whatever situation you put it in, it will last. Here are some of the main benefits of working with National Custom Printing for your labeling needs:

  • Constant and continuous inventory, which in turn makes ordering go much smoother.
  • Shorter lead times
  • No requirement of large minimum orders
  • Extensive labeling military contracts experience
  • Competitive pricing that allows you to maximize your overall profits

National Customer Printing gets their label fabric from the government approved fabric made for military labeling, Reemay. This fabric meets Military Specifications DDD-L-20F and MIL-DTL-32075, as well as AATCC IVA wash test requirements and is compliant with the Berry Amendment (USC, Title 10, Section 2533a) and the Kissel Amendment (H.R. 1.) It doesn’t get better than that.

So what makes this fabric so durable? The nonwoven, thermal transfer printable fabric is coated with a polymer that lets it be printed with a thermal transfer printer. The most popular colors are our tan, green, and white, although we do include other options for those who have a specific need. When you need fabric labels that will last through it all, get them from National Custom Printing. Contact us today!